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It goes on to suggest that any adherent that believes that rain is a result of the doings of any other being; living or not falls into disbelief. The Hadith makes specific mention to the stars in suggesting that as for those individuals who suggest rain originates as a result of a star, "that one is a disbeliever in me Allah. In ultimately pointing out that any suggestion of stars as performing any other duties other than as a means of navigation for man is forbidden, the Hadith works to point to astrology as that which Muslim adherents should refrain from.

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Varying scholars have differing opinions with regards to astrology and the judgement which Islam makes on its permissibility. One concept put forward arises from Imam Ali; the fourth caliph of Islam and the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad. Ali's pertinent point of view saw Astrology to be that which is fundamentally forbidden in the Islamic religion. In suggesting to his followers that "O' People! Beware of learning the science of stars except that with which guidance is sought on land or sea, because it leads to divining and an astrologer is a diviner, while the diviner is like the sorcerer, the sorcerer is like the unbeliever and the unbeliever would be in Hell", Ali sought to provide a scholarly opinion in pointing to a belief that any celestial being could provide something greater than that of God constitutes disbelief in Islam.

This is accentuated by the Ikhwan who have pointed to particular prophets and thus historic events as being intrinsically influenced by celestial beings. Most Sunni Islam sources point to an inherent disagreement against all forms of astrology which attempt to suggest divine intervention on behalf of celestial beings.

This is furthered by prominent Sunni scholars who have sought to detest the use of stars for the purpose of anything other than a means of navigation and for the purpose of determining the time of the year. Prominent Sufi scholars such as Ghazali and Ibn Arabi offer differing perspectives on that of Astrology.

Most pertinently, Sufism focuses on mankind at the forefront of the cosmos which consequently revolves around man. Ultimately, as per the teachings of Ghazali and Ibn Arabi, Sufism preaches an abstract form of astrology in which the planetary beings correspond to certain levels of heaven and where particular Prophets correspond to certain heavens; thus perpetuating in a fundamental belief that particular historical events have eventuated as a result of celestial beings. Shia Islam takes a similar stance to that of Sunni Islam with prominent scholars such as Qabisah and Razin Bin Muawiyah suggesting that the presence of stars and celestial beings and their consequent importance lies only in their beautification of the sky, their ability to ward of Satan and that of navigation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Astrology in Medieval Islam which examines the prominence of Medieval Islamic Scholars and their understanding of Astrology in the Islamic religion.

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  • The Islamic leader - Mohammed has stated that the purpose of the stars in the heavens is to guide mankind in the correct path, to protect him from all evils and to steer anyone from choosing the wrong path. That is the measuring of the mighty, the wise. And for the Moon, we have appointed mansions till she returns like an old shriveled palm leaf. It is not for the sun to overtake the Moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit. Allah advised his disciples to perform seven different duties on seven different days of the week.

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    This exactly follows the principles of astrology. As per Hindu astrology the seven main planets ruling the seven days of a week influences control over their specific areas. According to this principle, Allah advised the following seven activities to be performed on specific days:. Saturday - violence and cruelness, ruled by Saturn, are good for hunting. Sunday - It is auspicious to start building one's own house on Sunday - establishment and fame, ruled by Sun.

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    Monday - travels, ruled by Moon, is the best day to start a journey. Tuesday - Hair cut and shaves needs to be done on Tuesday - hair, ruled by Mars.

    Wednesday - science and medicines, ruled by Mercury, are good to start taking medicines. Thursday - Religious activities - prayers and other rituals need to be done on Thursday - religious acts, ruled by Jupiter.