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Unfortunately, Arta is absent from most astrological softwares except ZET Software and maybe a few other Russian ones. What is quite remarkable is that the asteroid Thule also happens to have an orbit of 8. Coincidentally, these asteroids almost move in opposition to each other, which is why the White Moon is also thought of as the opposite point of the Black Moon in Avestan astrology.

These asteroids are believed to play the same role in our solar system as the Black Moon and the White Moon. It represents our genetic memory as well as male sexuality. Altogether they represent the psychophysical structure of mankind, uniting the solar conscious and the lunar subconscious functions. Conceptually, it is closely allied to the injunctions and ordinances thought to uphold it, collectively referred to as dharma , and the action of the individual in relation to those ordinances, referred to as karma as per the Buddhist view.

A strong Black Moon, however, has been observed in individuals who do not conform, who would rather challenge the world they were born into, and thus this point is seen as a separating factor, a temptation, which can sometimes be a painful experience for the psyche and potentially cause suffering. It is worth noting that major importance is assigned to the Moon in both Vedic and Tibetan astrology, much more than the Sun, as the Moon is the Great Mother, the principle of nurturing, and is the root of our subjective mind with all of its opinions, likes and dislikes. It sheds light on how we relate to the world on a very deep personal psychological and emotional level.

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Why is that? Because the White Moon is a manifestation of the guardian angel, of purity. The awakened mind is the pure, undefiled mind — the primordial mind. An awakened enlightened mind is indestructible and invincible. All sentient beings carry the seed of this within themselves. Perhaps, to get a better understanding of this, we should examine the origin of the name given to the True Light Moon — Arta.

In Zoroastrianism, Arta also called Asha is an ancient manifestation of Ahura Mazda who first made the world to be pure light. Later a second world came into being that was material in nature. The material world was conquered by Angra Mainyu, which caused the pure light of existence to be mixed with darkness. Hi just found your site, really looking forward to exploring it. In Leo. In 8th house. SEems there are some rather strong urges to merge hidden somewhere in my psyche.

And since Priapus squares Uranus and opposes dr Pluto, it might surface in rather unpredictable, vehement ways. And now there comes this man into play, this singer I have been thinking about such a lot. In a way my attraction to him seems to be a LIlith- Priapus-story. And surprise, surprise, like me he has some real troubles with his own Lilith-Priapus. With a Lilith under such tension, phew!

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And Priapus is in the mix, too. Seems the female as well as the male principle are tied with some psychological woundings he has inside. But even more than that, some of my planets fall into that combination, too. Interesting my Lilith and my Priapus both are tied to his Karma. And his Lilith and Priapus are both tied to my Chiron.

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Has anyone an idea, how to interprete that? DD IP: Logged. My Priapus h intp.

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Sounds loverly No wonder you were the one who introduced me to the meaning of Isis and Kaali and helped me understand it a bit better. I like your Sabian for Lilith. The lunar perigree is the point of the orbit where it's closest to the Earth. My Sun is conjunct the true lunar apogee with 22 minutes of arc,and so the Sun is fused with lunar symbolism.

My Sun trines Moon with 2'10 orb. The point of the orbit of a planet closest to the earth is perigree and the farthest point away from the planet is apogee. The point of the orbit of a planet closest to the Sun is perihelion and the farthest point away from the Sun is aphelion. My Mercury is conjunct its Apogee in Geocentric chart. These configurations indicate strong Mercurial symbolism but also problematic too. There are similar terms for the closest and furthest points in orbits around other bodies, such as Earth, the Moon, and other planets and stars. When im in the clouds i dont see the storms comming and then..

BUMP into my face? I do know that h13 is osculating lunar apogee aka as true lunar apogee which is labeled true black moon lilith. Because the lunar apogee has to do with moon's orbit,it strongly has to do with lunar symbolism just like Mercury apogee has to do with Mercurial symbolism. An aspect to the lunar apogee is like an aspect to the moon just like an aspect to the Mercury aspect is like an aspect to Mercury. It's the same thing with the nodes of the Moon and other heavenly bodies. Therefore,labeling the lunar apogee Lilith seems unnecessary to me when the powerful lunar symbolism is enough One must be wary of sudden events and accidents if there is a square to Uranus or Mars.

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A native who could have transcended the highest Spiritual realms of ecstasy or crawled through life as an alcoholic or drug abuser. This placement may also indicate that the native had mislead others in tpics of spirituality or deceived others by misusing compassion. Retrograde Karma here could mean chances of psychiatric illness, schizophrenia and more drug abuse. Great honesty, objectivity and self mastery is needed in this case for setting up the positive karmic loops to enable Neptunian rewards from this Asteroid placement.

Labels: Asteroid. Identifying a great romantic-marital relationship with astrology.

Vocation As A Way of Life — More than Just A Job

Our theme here is a great love that has the potential to turn into a great relationship, and viceversa. This model describes the best identified relationships. There is no point in discussing Romantic Soulmates or Twinflame astrology outside the framework of how love connects with astrology in real life, outside the markers already found in enduring real-life love relationships. I will detail each point on the list in subsequent articles. The essential Love Asteroids L. Lust : sexual attraction, general awakening to the joy of living Lilith - BML Mean and True BML : passion and desire, sometimes dark-toned relationships forbidden, compulsive etc.

There's no point in looking at asteroid connections before the planetary analysis, since it may produce false results. The topic is romantic relationships, but many of these aspects can be found in long-term valuable friendships. Photo: Love, Alexander Milov.

Labels: Marriage , Relationship , Soulmate , Twinflame. Friday, 26 August Singleton Effects. The Singleton Effects As a general principle: a singleton planet creates strong focus for the birthchart as a whole.

The surrealistic painter, Salvadore Dali, for example, has 9 planets above the horizon, and only Uranus below. With a southern preponderance, we expect Dali to be an extrovert, shaped largely in response to the norms and expectations of consensus reality. If anything, the opposite seems true. Early in his career, Dali was known for his near photographic realism, painting still life oranges with every dimple visible. Today, Dali is known for an extremely subjective style of art called surrealism that celebrates the unconscious and the interior landscape of the psyche. At the other extreme, we have filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who has 9 planets below the horizon and only Uranus above.

With a northern preponderance, Spielberg should be a classic introvert, living in his own world, shaping himself according to some internal dictate. Yet Spielberg is one of the most prolific directors of his generation, with many of his films touching a powerful chord of recognition within the public — exploring such extroverted subjects as extraterrestrials, the horror of war, and the adventures of swash-buckling heroes. Despite the northern orientation of his chart, its singleton effect has propelled him to superstar status within the extroverted domain of public recognition.

The Total Soiar Eclipse of March 9, and the U.S. Presidential Race

He is noted for projecting his personal obsessions onto the big screen for public consumption — speaking a common language with widespread resonance. As an example of western preponderance with an eastern singleton Mars , we have Sigmund Freud. A European Jew born in the mid 19th century, Freud grew up in a world that was a broad social experiment in adaptation to the German mores of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Jewish men of the day were limited to careers in law or medicine, and so Freud chose medicine. What he really wanted to do was neurophysiological research, but he lacked the necessary funds. Since Freud was already engaged, and planning a family, he chose a practical career as a physician with a specialty in neurology — essentially pursuing an adaptive path in line with his western orientation.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

With a singleton Mars in the east, however, Freud had the opportunity to put his distinctive stamp on the practice of neurology. His big breakthrough came when he underwent self-analysis a particularly eastern experience that would continue for the rest of his life. Out of this came his notion of the Oedipus complex that put sex governed astrologically by the planet Mars at the root of human motivation.

The opposite situation exists with impressionist painter and older contemporary of Freud, Pierre-Auguste Renoir — who had an eastern predominant chart, and Mars as a singleton planet in the west.

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Expressing an early interest in art, Renoir took an apprenticeship painting decorations on china for a porcelain factory. He moved on to study the classical art of the Old Masters, but soon rebelled against the art establishment of his day. In contrast to the somber realism of Victorian Europe in vogue, Renoir began painting colorful scenes in bright colors and quick brush strokes, cultivating a style that came to be known as impressionism.