Horoscope january 21 leo

Take care of yourself as best as you can, cut yourself some slack, and above all, extend a helping hand to others. Now that the sun is in community-oriented Aquarius, it's important that everyone works together. The universe is your support group.

Today's Daily Horoscope January 21, 2019 Each Zodiac Signs

Has it been hard to find your mojo lately? Has it felt difficult to express your desires and stay motivated to achieve your goals? If so, it's no wonder.

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Mars — planet of drive, aggression, and impulse — has been meandering through your 12th house of spirituality. This is a very strange place for Mars to be in, considering that Mars is all about action and the 12th house is all about venturing within. While this is a beautiful time to understand your subconscious truth, it's not so great for producing concrete results.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

However, you should allow this to let you know what it is you truly want. Just because it doesn't seem like you're "doing" anything doesn't mean you're not doing necessary introspective work. Since the moon is your ruling planet, you can't help but feel intensely affected by all of its various phases and transitions.

Full moons are always a big deal for you, but lunar eclipses? Forget about it. You're feeling the spike in cosmic energy so deeply that it's hard for you to relax. This blood moon zeros in on your second house of finances and possessions, challenging your foundation in life and your relationship with comfort and security. You may feel as though you're falling without a net to catch you. You might even be realizing just how financially successful you truly are. You're learning what you need in order to feel successful.

What keeps your heart safe, Cancer? The eclipse helps you find your beliefs on confidence, income, and places that make you feel safe. Mercury enters your intimacy sector on Thursday, allowing for sexy dialogue and meaningful mental chemistry over the next three weeks! Rise and roar, Leo! This eclipse shines for you.

A powerful reset or change of heart inspires your courage and confidence to sparkle, so show the world—especially your romantic partners—what royalty looks like. Mercury enters your love zone, inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry, compromise, and date nights for weeks.

A super moon and lunar eclipse have arrived!

Mercury enters your mental, emotional, and physical health zones on Thursday, inspiring you to get in tip-top shape on all personal-growth fronts. You put the commune in community, Libra! No one facilitates friendship and group dynamics quite like you, and the eclipse is giving you the opportunity to grace us with your social skills and leadership.

Mercury inspires new ways of thinking about confidence, creativity, and open-heartedness—lean into all three for magical results. Rise and shine, Scorpio! The eclipse supercharges your career zone to magnetize professional opportunities and success. Adieu, Centaur!

Leo: Your daily horoscope - October 08

The eclipse flies you to far corners of the world or educational spaces. Mercury joins your communication sector on Thursday, giving you divine inspiration, eloquence, and sharp thinking throughout the adventure. Open up, Capricorn. The eclipse has you taking off your armor and letting go of perfectionism so partners can see your most authentic self. Don't push it away!

Weekly horoscope: Monday January 21 to Sunday January 27

Mercury joins your resources zone on Thursday, which inspires deep thinking on economic security and values this winter. Two is better than one, Aquarius! The eclipse activates your romance sector just in time for your birthday, giving you the experiences, relationships, and love you rightfully deserve. Mercury enters your sign on Thursday, helping you speak openly about your desires so others can rise to the occasion and make them happen for you.

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