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That can translate into physical, financial, social or charismatic power. Together you can be a force to be reckoned with. Pluto square Juno You will probably have intense relationships in which you get locked into power struggles, possibly through obsessive jealousy on the part of one or both partners. Money and sex may also be core issues over which power struggles arise.

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One or both of you probably thrive on passion and intense experiences, and it will take careful handling to avoid falling into some very destructive conflicts. If you can allow for passionate intensity, vulnerability and equally shared power, you can have a marriage of great depth and beauty. It may be a stormy journey, with many difficult decisions and choices. This can take you to great heights or depths, depending on your choices.

Pluto quintile Juno You are highly talented at the art of keeping excitement, magic and intensity in your relationship. There could be power struggles, but you can be creative in adapting and reinterpreting traditional roles to work for you as you learn to create your intimate life together. Keeping it romantic, fun and surprising will be your key; yes, and also passionate.

Pluto septile Juno Destiny seems to dictate your relationship choice. There seems to be a higher reason for your union, and although you may never consciously know it fully, you are nevertheless certain of your commitment to it. You might share a realization of a guiding spiritual force in your lives, shaping your decisions and directing your learning. Your relationship is probably very passionate and intense, and based on total unconditional commitment.

Pluto quincunx Juno You may experience a paradox within your committed relationship over the issues of power and passion. There can be a tendency to be unable somehow to comfortably combine traditional marriage roles and intense, emotional bonding. This may seem to be a riddle for you to solve. The issues of equality and propriety versus depth of intimacy can be sources of incompatibility.

Your sincere efforts to bridge these gaps may seem less than lasting and satisfactory, but not without rewards. The journey will require many adjustments, but you will grow and expand through the effort. Maybe I could believe it some more, if they were a bit more transparent about their methods. But as it is now it reminds me a little bit of an old story I heard, in which scientists observed that in those years when more storks than usual started nesting near a certain city, at the same time the number of children, who fell sick with Leucemia, increased.

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So they concluded, that the storks are triggering leucemia in children. Only later it became known that there was also a nuclear power station being built at the same time. EDIT: Of course that is a problem with all scientific investigations, especially in astrology. There is so much going on simultaneiously, that it gets difficult singling one factor out.

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I am skeptical of their scientific methods when it comes to Astrology. There can be other things that could account for things that they attribute to a certain object.

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For instance, the transneptunian objects could possibily account for things. I think Eris will end up being a very important object in Astrology after years of study. I do think that some things that are considered Uranian seem to belong to Eris. I think that some things of Jupiter. I had written about how other transneptunians were the transformers in my life and not Pluto.

I have Venus trine the transneptunian plutino Orcus.

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It's named after the Roman God of Death I feel that I can strongly relate to Venus trine Pluto interpretation. Venus-Orcus,Mars-Orcus could be sexual aspects Ixion is a transneptunian plutino like Orcus,and so it also has astronomical similarities with Pluto,and so could have astrological similarities. Ixion was known for his lust in Greek mythology That led to the creation of the Centaur race that has no relation to Chiron who was the son of Cronus.

I strongly disagree with the Magi. Chiron conjunct Juno Juno Trine Pluto. Im a faithful guy.. I definetely agree with the description for Juno Trine Pluto though. You may find it necessary to reshape and redefine your understanding of the marriage bond. You find the keys to personal healing through the mirror of relationship, and for you it may include initiatory journeys into expanded perceptions.

You may ultimately discover keys to understanding that can be shared with others. Chiron opposed Juno You experience a polarity between your personal journey of healing and spiritual awakening versus the desire for a traditional marriage relationship within the boundaries of social and cultural requirements. It may seem that marriage holds you back from exploring expanded ideas of wholeness and relatedness that hold out the hope of liberation.

Or conversely, it might seem that your healing or that of your partner threatens your committed relationship. You are challenged to find a balance which makes room in your life for the fulfillment of both needs, otherwise you may experience this as tension which undermines your most intimate bond.

Chiron trine or sextile Juno Your path of initiation and healing is enhanced and enriched by your marriage commitment, and vice versa. You have an easy ability to work and grow together into an expanded spiritual understanding that reveals potent keys for mutual healing. You can share these discoveries with others who are seeking to grow through relationship. Ultimately you may become a counselor or role model for many. Chiron square Juno You have some difficult choices to make regarding personal growth and healing versus the demands and trappings of a marriage commitment.

You may find that in opening to unconventional ideas of healing and the nature of reality, your spiritual perceptions are at cross-purposes to your commitment to a traditional relationship.

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It is possible to create a life that includes both relationship commitment and personal unfoldment. This may not be easy to achieve, but the effort will deepen and strengthen your marriage and life. Chiron quintile Juno You have an innate understanding of how to effect healing within relationships. You might be an excellent relationship counselor, or you may just be a role model for others who are struggling to achieve balance and harmony in their relationships.

You are gifted at keeping romance, excitement and personal growth alive within a traditional marriage.

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Chiron septile Juno Your marriage seems to be shaped by destiny. Yours is a marriage of soul mates, and you are often aware of divine intervention in your shared journey. You may feel there is some cosmic or karmic reason why you are together, and it is a journey of healing and awakening. You may work together in some healing profession probably of a holistic nature or simply be inspired to journey together into expanded consciousness.

Chiron quincunx Juno You may find that your spiritual journey of initiation and healing are incompatible with the demands of a traditional marriage commitment.

Though you may desire both, there is some sense of paradox, or a riddle to be solved in order to integrate both harmoniously into your life. Efforts to bridge the gap between them may be frustrating, as the results often end in futility. It is important not to give up, as the effort itself is enriching and adds to your understanding and personal healing. It could be necessary to redefine the nature of your relationship commitment in the interest of growth and healing. But since they are Trans-Pluto, the orb would have to be very narrow, no?

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I would use that orb for small transneptunians. Pluto is also a transneptunian, and astrologers use up to 8 degrees Liz Greene even uses They are dwarf planet candidates which means that they might join Pluto as dwarf planets. Ceres is the only dwarf planet that is not a transneptunian.

As plutinos, they have motion resonance with Neptune just like Pluto. They are not transplutonians. Makemake is one. Eris is a transplutonian,and it's larger than Pluto. In any case, if the Chiron-Venus clash is part of a Mystical Triangle, the rule of enhancement dominance might help to make the clash more favorable.

In 12 years of observation and research myself, I continue to conclude the same thing, Magi Astrology really works! My wife and I have 7 RSL's but have in Magi Ken's opinion possibly one of the worst Marriage charts, marrying only 7 days before a Heartbreak and currently have a progressed Nuclear clash We are divorcing as friends and I know we have a special bond but the chart has taken a toll on our lives in every area. I did reduce the Saturn clashes after what you said in a previous post about the 3 days orb due to Saturn being slow and in transit to 1 degree and got 10 matches over a 15 year period.

My biggest concern is to not have any Captivation's so it is a healthy relationship instead of doing things out of desperation. Thank you again, Stephen Question from Ailie: Helena - research in 4 dimensions?