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The ascendant also keeps moving continuously and, therefore, every minute is vital. Thus, information on the exact time of birth is vital for making astrological predictions. You need to read a birth chart in the anti-clockwise direction, starting from the lagna or the point of ascendance.

The fourth, seventh and the tenth houses form the quadrants. They too are powerful and have fortune bearing prospects. The conjunction of planets is the presence of two or more planets occupying the same house. The effect can be beneficial or disastrous based on the combination of planets with the sign or houses that are inhabited.

A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology

The nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu also give different results in line with the signs and the alignment of the planets. Vedic birth chart analysis is accurate only up to the third level. This is mainly because the birth time detail is usually never completely accurate. Even in the case of exact birth timing, some errors will show up beyond the third level.

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Complications also include differing opinions of Vedic astrologers regarding the birth time. In a Vedic astrology horoscope, people born during different timings have different characteristics. They are as follows:. The natives are keen on learning new things. If Mercury rules the third house, the individual will also have a sharp mind.

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The natives are disciplined and will achieve their goals with aplomb. Apart from their career, they are also family oriented. Usually, their mother is their role model in life.

These individuals are very peaceful and give importance to love. They are intelligent and also polite and sensitive. These individuals influence and guide others in their lives. They are also joyful, knowledgeable and make true leaders. These people spend a lot of time in interacting with friends. Peace of mind is their priority and they love to experience new things. Over 6 pages of information all about you.

A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology

Unknown Birth Time If birth time is unknown, check this box. Birth City.

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