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A horoscope is cast for the moment of the Sun's return to the exact position which it was during your birth time. It is often considered that it gives more accurate results in predictions than the natal horoscope, this is because this horoscope will show events and activities for one year only, thus concentrating on limited time period as opposed to natal horoscope which shows details for the life.

Thus a new horoscope is formed and it is studied and analyzed along with your birth horoscope to give more clear and greater insight into events of the coming year. Plus you can ask two question of your choice with this report. These Predictions are not computer generated and thus this is not an instant downloadable report. Trained Vedic Astrologers will prepare it manually. Toggle navigation. Your Horoscope and Planetary Positions.

With Venus b Though Mercury transits are quite frequent, they are important considerations for the Gemini Horoscope as the planet rules the Gemini sign. The lord of your zodiac sign, the Moon, will be positioned in your fourth house with the advent of the New Year. This is indicative of a happy and pro Sun transits are very significant for the Leo Horoscope as it is the ruler of the zodiac sign.

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi have given emphasis to Mercury transits in the New Year before putting forth the Virgo yearly horoscope With Mer Transits and placements of Venus in the New Year would be important for the Libra Horoscope as it is the ruling planet for the sign. We will find The Scorpio Horoscope would be mainly based on Mars transits and positioning of the year as it is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign.

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New Year Jupiter transits and positioning in are important for Sagittarians as the planet rules the zodiac sign and expert astrologers of Astroyogi has gi Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and our expert astrologers have analysed the retrogression, progression and also the transit of this planet before com Saturn transits of are important for all zodiac signs, but since Saturn is the ruling planet for Aquarius, it is given more emphasis for coming u Jupiter rules Pisces and we will see the planet transiting, retrograding and entering progression state in The Pisces Horoscope has been pu On the other hand, career seems promising.

But avoid changing job during March to July and work responsibly during this period. After May, spouse may get promotion at work. Your dream to go abroad could also become a reality this year.

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Foreign opportunities would be fruitful in business and growth is indicated. There will be new opportunities but keep caution after mid of the year when Mars will be exalted from May to November 6. Sudden accidents are expected during this time so be careful or a long-lasting problem could crop up. Enemies and opponents may also become a nuisance during this period but you will deal with them effectively. Rahu suggests it's best to keep control on your language and exercise caution in lending and borrowing.

Overall, keep working hard, results will follow, but at a slower pace.


In relationships, the period after October could be tough for married folks. Etch this thought into your mind and base all your actions on this, otherwise, there could be unnecessary confusion and tension this year, the possibility of which is quite high. This is the time to be positive and confident. Some unexpected opportunities may become a income source for the long term.

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It could be a new business proposal or income from ancestral property. Be on the lookout for such opportunities.

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Workload might increase this year and you may not get to spend enough time with loved ones, which could cause issues. For better results this year, you may want to hold your anger and ego. Your existing enemies would cause enough trouble this year, so don't do anything to invite more. Nonetheless, enemies and opponents won't be able to overpower you, be it in a court case or in general. Business growth would be satisfactory in and you may travel frequently concerning work during March to July.

Possibility of foreign settlement is evident in horoscope for Leo. This year also seems promising if you are looking to buy your dream home! However, a new ailment might disturb routine. However, the energy could be too much during May to November when excessive anger could ruin your prospects.

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This is not the best year to purchase a house nor should you trust strangers when it comes to business, especially after mid of the year. Married life would run smooth as long as you are respectful and loving to your spouse and their parents. Your mother will be the motivation factor this year.

You will be as serious in your career as you'll be carefree and fun-loving in your social life. But this is the year to keep your emotions controlled. Think twice before you make a commitment or give something of value to someone.

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Domestic peace may be missing during May to November but during this period, spouse will do well financially or you might benefit from land. From March to July, do not make rash career moves or change job. Father would be supportive this year and you may also get some aid from government. But an old rival might rake up head and cause trouble so watch out. Make sure you utilize this energy constructively. As long as you do that, happiness will follow.

You will not tolerate low-minded conversations and people.