Lion snake horoscope

The roaring mouth of the lion does not sugarcoat, and you may be left with an embarrassing love-bite if you been fool enough to put your delicate neck within mauling distance. The tarot card associated with this decan is the six of wands. This card is about victory. A great deal of passion is being put into focusing on a particular person or goal. Karmically these Lions have earned their reward. Success is yours. You have won….. However, it will only be as a result of hard work, stamina, tenacity and strong determination on your part.

Leo Snake — Combined Horoscope

If you are prepared to put in the effort then you shall be rewarded well. There is no need to battle anymore and it is time to start building for the future.

Tiger Years

Generally, this is quite an auspicious decan with no really problematic stars compared to most decans. This optimism with the double Jupiter rulership is reflected in the meaning of the tarot card here. These are not shy Lions! The flamboyant side of Leo comes out blazing here. Most Leo decan 2 loves a mission, as they need to channel their flaming egos into some great project.

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Leaving a big golden paw mark on planet earth is important to them. Personality of the Snake.

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Best Jobs and Working Partners for Snake. Answers App. However, when getting familiar with them, people will find them usually passionate and enthusiastic. They have high standard for their life partners, even a bit picky. They are eager to get echo on the common interests.

The Year of the Tiger

They want a spiritual marriage but not a material life, so people having a crush on them need to keep with their pace in psychological growth. Passionate, Attractive, Sophisticated. Frank, Possessive, Jealous. Well, your match may not be very good but it can be improved by your joint efforts in daily life. Stay calm when facing conflicts and having some trips together may be helpful.

Best wishes! I would like to know how good a Male Rat and a Female Snake compatibility would be, he is 8 years my Junior too. Hi, your love compatibility is not bad, but you may still face some challenges in the love relationship. A better communication is beneficial to your mutual understanding. Good luck! Yes, it is a good match.

Even sometimes you may face small conflicts, but communication can help you a lot to work it out. These are considered average in terms of compatibility. They give 2 points in terms of Yoni Kuta. These relationships are also determined from the Nakshatra of the male.

Hence, a man under the horse will generally do well with a woman under the serpent, as there is friendship between their animals.

Chinese Astrology: The Snake - Personality & Compatibility

These give 3 points in terms of Yoni Kuta. Marriage between men and women of the same animal is considered to be the best, particularly if they are of male and female stars respectively, for example, an Ashwini man and a Shatabhishak woman.

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It is conducive to sexual compatibility and happiness through children. Relationships of the same animal give 4 points in terms of Yoni Kuta.

Korean Zodiac - Animal Signs

Some animal types are difficult in terms of sexual compatibility. Such are, in order of difficulty, the tiger, lion, dog and rat, which have no friendly animals. Those of these animal types have more difficulty in sexual relationships.