Weekly horoscope libra 25 march 2020

On Saturday August 24, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, meets energetic action planet Mars at PM—a passionate expression of hot girl summer. Venus in Virgo can be pretty picky.

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Three planets move into your sign, bringing you down from your metaphorical possibly literal meditative trance and back into yourself. With Venus, the planet of aesthetics, in your sign for the coming weeks, you can impress others and yourself with your beauty, and find a look that really suits you. Venus and warrior Mars meet this weekend, encouraging you to assert your values—and just be hot in general.

With your planetary ruler Venus in a very secretive and isolated sector of your chart, you have a better grip on understanding your shadow.

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Hidden desires are explored and probed, especially as Venus meets action planet Mars, encouraging you to act on these strange, occult values. There are a lot of parties you can attend as messenger Mercury creates a strong harmony with opulent Jupiter, encouraging you to make room in your schedule to mingle with your network to push forward with your dreams. There are people out there who can make it happen for you. Leo season was a lot of work. You were putting yourself out there and getting a lot of recognition. Think about the wider implications of your legacy, even where you stand politically.

Consider the people that you affect and inspire with your work. Virgo season is here for you to mingle and do community outreach. Mercury harmonizes with generous Jupiter, hopefully bringing some financial boons for your brilliant ideas, or pushing you toward a raise. Go out and meet people, make or sever connections that are fitting to your standards in friendships.

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As Virgo season unfolds, witness how all of your preaching plays out in practice. Leo season found you getting your elevator pitch and philosophy tight, but Virgo season puts you in the spotlight, calling you to put your beliefs into action. You still have time to perfect your mission statement, especially as messenger Mercury harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, helping you see these big ideas come to fruition.

Assert yourself and show up for yourself as action planet Mars meets Venus, the planet of values, this weekend. You are the sign that is known for being outspoken, but when you get called out for oversight, play it cool. Your ideas have enough breathing room for expansion, intellectually and personally. For Capricorns all over the world, Leo season has been a time of intense change. There is still some progress to be made behind the scenes, though.

As Mercury, the planet of communication, harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of growth, you can move forward on making some room for your own peace of mind. Spirituality or mindful meditation is helpful for making peace with the things you cannot control.

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Friendships and partnerships of any kind are progressing as important, lighthearted, and open conversations take place. Messenger Mercury harmonizes with bubbly Jupiter, adding giggly and optimistic interpersonal understanding to your relationships.

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Virgo season will help you grow your intimate relationships in a way that is serious, but productive on a material level, as planets move through your house of shared resources. You can cut things out of your life this weekend as warrior Mars meets Venus, the planet of values, in your house of transformation. Hone in on what turns you on rather than what turns you off.

You can see the bigger picture—messenger Mercury is in harmony with bubbly Jupiter, helping you look on the bright side.

Virgo season finds you busy getting organized and tackling your to-do list. Get the dancing and excitement out of your system as flirty Mercury in Leo harmonizes with party-hopping Jupiter in Sagittarius, encouraging you to go on dates and socialize with your friends in over-the-top and extravagant ways. This weekend your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, meets with sweet Venus, giving you extra strength to take care of yourself in a way that is focused and precise.

Fortunately, if you're willing to let go of the life you thought you wanted, you'll find your way to the life you're meant to live. It all begins right at the New Year with a stark Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 in your 4th House of Home and Family, set against the backdrop of a Lunar Eclipse at the very top of your chart.

This can signal a difficult situation with one of your parents or someone in your clan if you are caring for an elderly or sick relative.

The limitations you are experiencing in your domestic world are likely to slap you in the face as you also confront any necessary but temporary professional sacrifices you might need to make in order to handle your family responsibilities. Fortunately, with Jupiter also in the same area of your chart, you will keep the faith that whatever changes are happening at home will ultimately work out to restore peace and balance.

For some it might have to do with a divorce or rough patch between you and your partner. Mars will be retrograde from September 9 - November 13 in your relationship sector, making you feel like you can't fight the fight anymore when it comes to your relationship. You are tired, Libra, and if you're in a situation where you feel like you just can't win, then you might stop trying altogether during this time. Interestingly enough, it might be the very act of you letting go that makes your partner realize how important you are.

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Will it be too late? Only time will tell. As your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde from May 13 - June 25, you will have an opportunity to re-evaluate your mindset completely when it comes to love and self-worth.

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The reframing of your ideology around matters of the heart is likely to lead to this watershed later in the year when Mars turns retrograde in your partnership sector.